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Tips for Smoking Marijuana and Staying Healthy

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Unfortunately, many people think that people who smoke pot don’t care about their health. The truth is, there are many facts about dope that people may not know. The fact that smokers care about their health is one of them.

Whether you’re just getting into smoking pot or you have been doing it for years, there is always something you can do to make your habit a little healthier. Here are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy smoking more while worrying less about your health.

Use a Vaporizer

When you think of vaporizers, tobacco vaporizers likely come to mind. They have been shown to be healthier for tobacco smoke, but it turns out, they are healthier for weed as well.

There are quite a few reasons to vaporize marijuana, but one of the most convincing is the fact that it can make it safer to smoke. That’s because:

  • The vaporizer heats the marijuana at a lower temperature, allowing you to inhale the vapor without burning up and inhaling any of its harmful byproducts.
  • Vaporized cannabis can remove 95 percent of the smoke that is inhaled. That’s important because it’s the smoke that can cause the majority of health problems.
  • Some studies have suggested that vaporizing can increase anti-inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation.

Screen Your Pipes and Joints

Vaporizing isn’t for everyone. If you prefer the old-fashioned methods of using a pipe or a joint, you are putting your health at a greater risk, but you can limit that risk by using a screen.

Natural rolling papers and pipe screens can help filter out the hot, ashy particles that get inhaled. It’s these particles that cause irritation and tar build-up in the lungs.

Consider a Water Pipe or Bong

Water pipes and bubblers can be quite effective at reducing the negative health effects of smoking weed. That’s because they use water to cool down the smoke before you inhale it into your throat and lungs, reducing the amount of plant resin in the smoke.

The water also catches more ash and weed particles than other methods. However, it won’t catch it all. Reduce ash and resin even further by looking for larger pieces that maximize the distance between you and the flame. Ice can also help.

Don’t Mix Your Marijuana With Tobacco

Did you know that some studies have shown that regular cannabis users are just as likely to get lung cancer as the average person? That’s in stark contrast to tobacco smokers, who have a greater risk of suffering from cancer and other medical problems.

Because of this fact, it’s not a good idea to mix marijuana with tobacco. It’s much worse for your health than just smoking the marijuana alone.

Any time you inhale something, be it the smoke from weed, tobacco, or a campfire, it can be hazardous to your lungs. But, there’s always something you can do to lessen your chances of experiencing a health problem. With these tips, you will be able to make your weed smoking habit as safe and healthy as possible.

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Essential Oils For Sleep Support

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For many, sleep does not come easy. Some may take home the stresses of work life, others dwell on daily anxieties that keep them up at night, and some may simply struggle with general insomnia. Whatever the reason, a lack of sleep can have a big impact on your mental and physical health. Going without sleep can increase your chances of becoming irritable, depressed, anxious, and even sick. Your immune system needs rest to stay strong and healthy, and while nothing can replace a visit to your doctor, there are some budget-friendly ways to combat those things that keep you up at night.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts taken from natural plant elements such as bark, leaves, flowers, etc. These oils have been used for centuries to aid in a variety of physical and mental ailments, including insomnia. While most essential oils are versatile and their healing experiences are fluid and can differ according to each user’s particular ailment, there are a few that have been shown to aid in a restful mind and sound slumber.

Because each oil may hold a different experience for each user, it is important to try a variety and find the one that works best for your particular needs. Here are some of the best essential oils that work to support a good night’s sleep.


We all know about lavender. It is the most widely used essential oil out there and has a plethora of benefits. Lavender is commonly known for its anti-anxiety effect. Not only does it have a soothing aroma, but studies have also shown that lavender has similar effects on anxiety as some comparable medication. Another study showed that lavender has positive effects as a sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia.

Roman Chamomile-Roman Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile tea has long been labeled as a “sleepy-time” beverage. It is so because of its calming, soothing, and relaxing qualities. When used as aromatherapy, it has been shown to ease feelings of anxiety and support sleep quality.


The oil from vetiver comes from the root of the plant, giving it a rich and earthy smell. It is potent and may be mixed with a carrier oil or lighter oil such as lavender or chamomile. Vetiver is said to hold the benefit of “shutting off the brain,” and soothing the mind. If you are someone who can’t turn off your to-do list every night before bed, vetiver may be a good choice for you.

Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot is another potent yet pleasant aroma that mixes well with lavender. You can find bergamot in earl grey teas and perfumes. It has a complimentary to many other aromas – experimentation is encouraged. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and holds the unique ability to be bright and calming at the same time. Bergamot is best used via aromatherapy, not topically, as it causes photosensitivity that may worsen sunburns. This oil has been said to clear the mind and promote a sense of peace and calm.


Cedarwood is another earthy, woodsy scent, and has been shown to support healthy pineal gland function, which naturally produces melatonin. Cedarwood also blends well with lavender and provides a calming environment.

While there are many more essential oils that can provide similar relief and effects, these are some of the most tried and true. It never hurts to do your research and find what is best for you. Everyone is unique in his or her sleep needs and insomnia is a serious beast to be tamed. Hopefully, these five oils will get you started in your quest for a natural and healthy good night’s sleep.


Natural Healty ConceptsBio:
Natural Healthy Concepts is a leader in educating people to change their lives through wellness and natural health. They have been offering education on essential oils, collagen, turmeric, and more since 2004.
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What to Know About Taking Uber to Doctors’ Appointments

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For many people, it’s difficult to make it to scheduled doctors’ appointments, because of poor health, a lack of transportation or the inconvenience they face.

For example, people who use public transportation for doctors and health-related appointments may find that it takes long periods of time during rush hours, causing them to be late or miss their appointments, or it could take them nearly an entire day to make it to an appointment without private transportation.

Doctors’ Appointments

When people are missing appointments because they aren’t able to get there, it can be problematic for their health, and it’s something a lot of doctors and healthcare providers are looking to address through the use of rideshare services.

Uber rates aren’t as expensive as a lot of people think either, and they’re often less than the cost of a cab.

The following are some things to know about using Uber and other rideshare services to get to medical appointments.

You Can Schedule Ahead

For people without access to private transportation, they may think Uber or another rideshare service could be just as inconvenient as public transportation, but they don’t realize these apps do allow people to schedule ahead.

schedule a rideJust as an example, with Uber you can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance through the app.

You can choose your pickup date, time, location and destination and you’ll also receive an estimate for the fare at that time.


While it varies depending on your location and your insurance, some plans are working on addressing the transportation problem and are covering the cost of rideshare services for people using them to go to medical appointments.

It is even covered by Medicaid in some instances, so it’s something worth looking into.

As an example, for patients who use Medicaid, the cost of transportation for non-emergency medical visits is covered, but it does depend on the rules of your state.


The idea of using Uber or another rideshare service as a way to transport patients to appointments has caught on so much that a lot of hospitals and medical organizations around the country are starting to incorporate it into their service offerings.

For example, according to The Atlantic, MedStar Health which has hospitals in Maryland, started a partnership with Uber recently. Through the partnership, MedStar Health patients can access Uber through the hospital’s website, and even create appointment reminders.

For Medicaid patients without the Uber app, it’s possible to call the hospital’s patient advocates, and they’ll arrange the rides for them.

There’s a lot of other systems and organizations around the country who are considering doing the same thing.

Mutually Beneficial

Finally, for patients who miss their appointments because of a lack of transportation, the downsides are pretty apparent. Transportation is a major barrier to healthcare, and it can be difficult for people to manage their health without a way to get to appointments, particularly if they have chronic conditions.

There is a benefit for medical organizations as well, however, because they can help their patients keep up with their care and also avoid the lost revenue associated with missed appointments.

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5 Great Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Teeth

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Christmas, Christmas time is here! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe you still don’t know what to get! No worries! A periodontist in Fairfax put together this wonderful list of awesome dental related stocking stuffers that are easy to find and needed by all.

  1. Fun Tooth Brushes

Pick up a toothbrush that has your child’s favorite character on it – like Spongebob or Minions! You can even find tooth brushes that play a tune for the length of time that your child should be brushing their teeth. These will make brushing their teeth so much more fun!

  1. Flavored Toothpaste

Fun flavors of toothpaste will make your kids want to brush their teeth right then and there. Flavors like watermelon and bubblegum are sure to enhance tooth brushing time. Of course, be careful giving yummy flavors to toddlers because if they swallow too much of it they could get sick.

  1. Dino Flossers

How much more fun will flossing your teeth be with dinosaur flossers? These flossers by Johnson&Johnson can be found at many retailers, including Wal-Mart.

Great Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Teeth

  1. Sugarless Chewing Gum

What kid doesn’t like to chew gum? For healthy teeth, pick up some sugarless chewing gum with xylitol in a yummy mint flavor to help fill those stockings. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that helps the mouth keep a neutral pH level, prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

  1. Mouth Wash

There are tons of great kids’ mouth washes to choose from. Find some that have fun characters on them or have fun flavors like cotton candy, bubble gum, or blue raspberry. These are sure to appeal to your younger children and will motivate them clean their mouths more often, providing extra protection for those sensitive baby teeth.

Make dental hygiene more fun with some or all of these wonderful stocking stuffers this year.

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Best Anti-Snoring Devices

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If you or a partner snores in the bed then it can make falling and be staying asleep very difficult. Snoring is caused by obstructions to the nasal passage that causes air to vibrate floppy tissues. Many factors can contribute to snoring including, colds, alcohol and food consumption before bed, and sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

You could always put on a pair of sleepphones to black out those droning sounds, but you should probably make your partner invest in an anti-snoring aid. I wouldn’t recommend an anti-snoring aid as a gift though, it might come off the wrong way.

There are tons of snoring aids to choose from, including, nasal sprays, ergonomic pillows, mandibular advancement devices, and even nasal dilators. Choosing the right anti-snoring device depends on the type of snore, the severity of the snore, the efficacy of the product, and even the lifespan of the snoring aid device. Here, we’re going to discuss our picks for the top snoring aids on the market and help you discover which ones are right for you.



SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device designed to adjust to your jaw and lock in place to allow for a smooth flow of air through the oral passage. This remains especially effective for people suffering from sinus problems and even a little congestion.

SnoreRx is designed to work for up to a year and doesn’t require any assembly or other materials. Most people agree that the SnoreRx is comfortable and does not interrupt your sleep flow. For most people, the first night or two will require an adjustment before they get accustomed to using a MAD for a sleep aid.

Gideon Anti-Snoring Nose Vents


The non-invasive Gideon Anti-Snoring Nose Vents are designed to treat snoring that originates from the nose. This anti-snoring device comes in a four-pack that are custom made for different nasal sizes. With a convenient travel case, the nose vents are easy to clean and won’t collect dust.

This snoring aid will provide you with restful sleep, day and night, and are completely comfortable to sleep with them in. It’s recommended that you wash daily and replace your nose vent after a month to avoid infections or illness. The nose vents are completely invisible and safe to place in your nose. This is one of the best affordable options on the market to treat nasal snoring.

Good Morning Snore Solution


The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece is one of the most comfortable and least invasive anti-snoring devices on the market. Recommended by doctors worldwide and the FDA, this snoring aid is designed for universal fit and can be used for anyone who snores through their mouth.

The snoring aid provides you with a comfortable, well-balanced sleep. This snoring solution is actually a tongue retaining device, which may cause soreness in the first day or two, but you’ll quickly get used to it. Best of all, the company promises a money back guarantee and the mouthpiece last for over a year.

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap


The Snoring Solution Chin Strap is a non-invasive snoring aid that doesn’t need to fit in your mouth or nasal passage. With easy adjustments, the chin snap is designed to support the jaw to prevent vibration of the floppy tissues while breathing. Comfortable to wear and guaranteed to last for an incredibly long time, the chin strap is hygienic and effective.

The only drawback is that the chin strap prevents yours from breathing through your mouth, but if you’re looking to place a moratorium on your snoring habits than you should be satisfied.

Breath Right Strips

Breathe right strips are incredibly cheap and help to open up your nasal passages while you sleep. Proven to reduce or even eliminate snoring, this is always a cheap, non-invasive option for people who suffer from light snoring.

Seek Medical Help

Finally, it’s important that you talk to a doctor about your sleeping habits and any snoring you experience. Snoring could be symptomatic of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious medical condition. Snoring can also lead to daytime drowsiness and obstructed sleep patterns, which will disrupt your daily routine. Save you and your partner a headache by investing in one of these amazing anti-snoring devices.

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