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Persuasive Essay Writing: Which Topic to Choose?

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The variety of essay types probably makes your head spin and you are wondering ‘How will I ever learn to craft them all?’ However, what many students do not know is that the process of writing any essay is very similar once you know the structure. Most importantly, it all starts with the topic.

Persuasive essays carry the goal of making a person believe your viewpoint. For this reason, you must set out all arguments coherently, support them with evidence and reasoning, use examples, give logical reasons and quote experts in the niche. Still, your essay will never be worth a high grade unless you choose a good topic.

There is an infinite list of topics you can find online, in journals, papers and magazines, but how do you pick the best one? In order to provide you with essay help, http://www.essaywritinglab.co.uk/ specialists decided to guide you through choosing your persuasive essay topic:

Take Your Time

The topic is the core of your essay, which is why you simply cannot rush the choosing process. Take all the time you need for this important task – research, write down ideas, brainstorm them, discuss topics with your professor and most importantly, make sure that you have enough sources to use in the topic you are considering.

Choose a Topic You Like

Friends, family and your professors can provide you with essay help,but it is you who has to choose the topic. Why? Because if you do not pick a topic near and clear to your heart, you will not be able to write it well. After all, it is much more enjoyable to write about things you like, isn’t it?

Pick a Topic of Interest

Surely, the essay should be enjoyable to write, but do not forget that it should be enjoyable to read, too. Therefore, you must always look for equilibrium between a topic you like and one of interest to your audience.

There are many popular topics you can choose, but try not to pick one that has been discussed hundreds, if not thousands of times. The process of finding a topic is as complex as it is because of this – you cannot look into the most common persuasive essay topics and finish the search within minutes!

Set a Specific Topic

A good persuasive essay carries a lot of information and sources, but is never too broad. Therefore, try to make your topic as specific as possible.

Your Topic Should State Problems and Solutions

The goal of a persuasive essay is to make someone take action. Therefore, you are looking for a topic that is not only based on current events and problems, but also offers solutions that can solve these problems. In other words, you are looking for a topic where you can use the persuasion factor.

After selecting a topic for your essay, it is time to start writing. A good essay always depends on dedication, thorough research and of course, good writing skills.

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Music and Brain: How Music Aids in Our Well-Being?

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Here you will discover how to become a better learner and more successful person with the help of music and musical instruments. Most people who great on music found that not very good at writing stuff like an essay, I recommend to discussing with this expert team for your success essaylook.com/write-my-essay.

Music and Brain: Interconnections Good for Learning

Music and Brain Interconnections Good for Learning

What are the music lessons for? They may seem to be a waste of time. Moreover, if you do not practice playing on a certain musical instrument, the skills will weaken. Nevertheless, a few years long learning of music can change your brain.


Surely, these words are evidence-based, and research was carried out on the issue. In 2008, an article was issued by Maria Forgeard with colleges from Harvard medical school. It dealt with an issue of discovering whether children get any preference due to playing a musical instrument. There were 59 children, where 41 were taught to play different musical instruments, and the other 18 did not receive any learning on this matter. After 3 years passed, the children, who were getting a musical education have shown much higher results in tasks connected with the determination of sounds, vocabulary, logics, and fine motor skills.

Neurophysiologist Geoffrey Taub carried out research on musicians, who play the string instruments. As it turned out, the more musicians train, the bigger their mind zones responsible for the left hand become. Those, who play the trumpet react better on the metal sounds. Also, musicians have some zones in their mind, which make them different from the rest people.


While listening to music, the zones of the brain, which are responsible for listening and determination of sounds get activated. Those parts of brain separate the composition and the accompaniment, melody and the rhythm, and finally, they make up a whole impression from the melody. Surprisingly, but only a few seconds are needed for all these processes. Furthermore, if you play the certain instrument, the motor and visual zone get activated. Moreover, often left and right hands have separate functions to be performed simultaneously. All in all, musicians have both hemispheres developed, and moreover, the signals transfer from one to another faster and within various routes.

Music’s Influence on Memorizing and Concentration

Music in the brainResearch has stated a connection between music and memorizing process. The Canadian researchers claim that musicians memorize information better and recollect it faster.

The constant training improves the variety of mind functions, which can later be useful for other activities. For example, it is difficult to learn how to concentrate attention. Moreover, learning how to focus in front of the course book in Math is not the best way. It is hard indeed, and you had no reason to feel dumb at childhood actually. However, focusing with the help of musical instrument is much better. You just press the keys and get involved. People like music, and they do not need to understand it to love it, in opposite to Math. That is also what for one needs to learn poems by heart: they have a rhythm.

Application at the Workplace

How to apply music in the workplace? The teamwork will be more effectively developed if you play music together. Music influences the emotional health, as sad melody can make us feel sad, as well as the joyful one will make us inspired and motivated. Thus, a nicebackground melody may improve the performance of workers with minimal financial spending.

To Sum Up

All in all, we can say that music itself has a lot of good effects, and you may even increase them if learning to play a musical instrument. Think wider, and apply the skills developed based on learning how to play a musical instrument in real life to become a successful person!

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Bad Habits That Can Impact Your Health and Your Appearance

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We all want to look and feel our best, but unfortunately, we may have habits that hinder both. There are a lot of things that many of us commonly do on that can not just impact our internal health but can actually make us less attractive.

The following are some of the top things we may be doing that diminish our looks, on top of being generally unhealthy.


While smoking has lost much of its appeal for many people, it’s always a shame when celebrities are spotted with cigarettes. Not only is smoking extremely harmful to your health, but it can wreak havoc on your appearance.


When you smoke, it deprives your skin of major nutrients leaving you looking tired and like you’re aging prematurely. It also discolors your teeth and nails and can weaken your skin overall, leading to the appearance of things like age spots.

If you’re addicted to smoking, start with incremental steps to improve your health and your appearance, such as using a vapor device instead of cigarettes.

Drinking Alcohol

If you have an occasional glass of red wine it’s probably not going to have much of an impact on your appearance, but if you’re drinking every night or binge drinking it can lead to skin that looks dull or even yellow, and it can also contribute to premature aging and weight gain.

Try to limit your alcohol intake, and especially avoid binge drinking.

In addition to drinking too much alcohol, you should also be careful you’re not drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and having too much can lead to dehydration which makes you not only feel bad but also not look as good either.

Bad Posture

Treatment for ObesityIn a world where many of us spend our days working at a computer, having good posture is incredibly tough, but it’s important. First, when you round your shoulders and slouch all day, it can become a long-term problem that’s difficult to remedy.

It’s also negative in the sense that you might take on a hunchback look even when you’re not working.

Try to use an ergonomic work chair, and be cognizant of your posture throughout the day.

Skipping Sunscreen

You should wear sunscreen every day. When you don’t, you’re upping your risk of developing skin cancer, but it also ages your skin faster than most other things.

Sun damage is difficult if not impossible to reverse, and if you’ve ever seen someone with a lot of sun exposure, you likely know just what an impact it can have on their looks. It’s also worth noting that sunscreen not only helps your face, but the skin all over your entire body looks more youthful when used regularly.

Not Exercising

Regular exercise can not only keep your feeling good and minimize your waistline, but it affects other areas of your appearance as well.

When you work up a sweat, it clears toxins from your body which can help you have more radiant skin, among the many other advantages.

If the health effects of bad habits aren’t enough to encourage you to make steps toward changing them, it’s possible the outward effects might be the trigger you need to at least make small changes in your routine.

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Brain and Learning Lifehacks

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To learn better, it is necessary to understand how your brain works and how you can help it to process information. Some people found really hard to work an essay task from his/her teacher or professor I recommend to discussing it with expert team here greatpaper.co.uk.

Take Care About Your Brain and Learn!

People often give up doing or learning something new after they start working. After a hard day at work, one will most likely want to have a rest, not to read a book on Physics or Biology. However, only understanding that learning at any age is important will not be enough.

Those, who still want to learn and develop their brain, should know the following information to increase the effectiveness of studying.

Map of Your Mind

Your mind has a map. Every function of the organism has the responsive zone in your head. It may be surprising, but in some cases, it is possible to touch your brain, and you will feel this like someone is touching your hand, etc. However, those zones are not similar for all people. Moreover, they change during the lifespan, even though they form based on the same principles. It all depends on what surrounds you.

Mind Map

For example, if a person is blind, the zones responsible for the eyesight will become responsible for hearing and touch. Your brain will not have lazy zones. Thus, blind people will have bigger zones responsible for hearing and touch, what may result in bettering of those senses. If a person loses eyesight in their 20s, the brain gets reorganized with time.

How Does This Work in Practice?

Probably you used to learn something and gave up. Let’s say you learned how to play guitar. However, years have passed, and you cannot do this anymore. Instead, you were learning the programming languages, and the zones responsible for music has been being replaced by developing other skills. Now, learning two seemingly different things may result in developing something innovative that combines the two pieces of knowledge effectively. It is always advisory to think out of the box, as everything in this world has a connection with everything.


This is a mechanism that maintains the plasticity of our brain. This is a complex process of the birth of a cell and its integration into the neural network. For a long time, they believed that the neurons are non-recoverable. However, the beginning of the century brought new research results. Firstly, the neurogenesis was detected in birds and rats, and in 1998 the first evidence of it was found in a human organism.

Brain Health Coaching NeurogenesisSome neurons die, and some appear replacing the previous ones. Thus, it is possible to restore the brain after some damages. People can learn to walk and work with their arms and legs after the stroke, even though it was considered impossible before. Now, there are the complexes of exercises aimed at such recoveries.

Nevertheless, this is not an article for those, who suffered a stroke, but for those, who are interested in processes of memory and learning.

Stimulants of Neurogenesis

Here are the truly working stimulants of the neurogenesis:

  • Physical exercises, adaptation to new conditions, social activity.
  • Serotonin and dopamine (“hormones of happiness”).
  • Stress (not strong and not long-lasting). For example, understanding the deadline and new responsibilities.
  • Cannabinoids.

Also, traumas trigger the active formation of new neurons to recover the previous state. However, there is no need to get injured on purpose, since the number of neurons will not increase in comparison to the healthy condition.

Anti-Stimulants of Neurogenesis

Here are the things you need to avoid for effective learning and perception of any kind of information:

  • Situation with a high adrenalin emission.
  • Alcohol and opiates abuse.
  • Radiation.
  • Chronical lack of sleep.
  • Strong and/or long-lasting stress and depression.

However, this list is not a result of long and deep research. Thus, most likely it will become longer and/or some of its elements will be removed.

Sleep and Your Brain

Sleep and Your BrainForget about claiming, that your brain cannot contain that much information as needed. Your brain is not a hard drive. The information in it is not kept in certain sectors, but over the whole structure. One neuron may have up to 20 thousand connections with other neurons. However, the feeling that you are overwhelmed with information may mean that you just need to sleep.

Sleep and Learning

If you are learning something new, do not forget that sleep is a necessary part of learning. Lack of sleep worsens the memory and ability to concentrate. While sleeping, your organism performs all the necessary processes on servicing your brain and processes information received during the day.


One experiment that showed curious results was when people were learning to play the piano. They started at 10 am and practiced for a while. When checked at 10 pm, there were no bettering in their skills. However, the next day at 10 am a big progress was noticed.

Another experiment dealt with the naps and daydreams. People were learning to type fast. One group was doing this all day, and the other one was allowed to have a nap for an hour or two. The second group learned to type faster at 16% more in comparison to the first one. But, the next morning the speed of typing of the first group become the same as of the second. This means, that to process information, one needs to sleep: no matter at night or at daytime. Thus, sleep serves as saving the info from short-time to long-time memory.

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Importance Of Responsive Web Designs To A Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you are in the e-commerce industry, the interconnection between different industries and marketplaces can be overwhelming, if not perplexing. Today, products are able to find their way through different markets across the world at breathtaking speeds. This is one of the reasons you will need the services offered at LSEO.com and many other competent online marketing companies.

When you have your products being accessed and bought through the digital space, you may want to consider running an effective and successful online marketing campaign. While technology has simplified most of the operations in the business world, it has also given way to more players in the game. This means that you will be facing stiff competition from budding to established businesses across the world.

As you come up with an effective marketing strategy, you should not forget to include mobile considerations as one of the critical elements. In the current business environment where nearly everything is available courtesy of the internet of things, there is a growing demand for mobile friendly services. One of the things you may want to ensure is that your website is responsive to all device types.

This means that you would have taken care of the interests of customers who use personal computers, smartphones and even tablets. Therefore, choosing the right digital marketing firm means striking a balance between your budgetary constraints and quality services. A good rule of thumb is to choose a company that offers comprehensive full-service digital marketing packages.

LSEO.com is a practical example of the right digital marketing firm to work with. Besides having proven online marketing services, the company also provides web design and development services. Even if you are working on a tight budget, you can be sure of saving on both money and time.

It would not make sense to make substantial investments in proven digital marketing solutions when your website is not appealing in the first place. Your website’s design should be one that your prospective clients will fall head over heels in love with. As if that is not enough, the site should respond on all devices in mobile-friendly ways.

However good the content you are marketing is, it would account for nothing if it cannot be accessed on mobile devices. This is because it is where most of the prospects are found. Be sure to look at previous samples done by your web development company before you hire them.

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