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Consider Hair Transplant Procedure to Combat with Hair Loss

It is very normal to lose 70-100 hair strands each day while showering or combing. Every human has a tendency to lose hair in the ranges between 70-100 hair strands as it is a part of the hair… Read More

How to Care for Colored Hair?

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Hair Care in Summer

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Stylish Teen Hairstyles Ideas for Girls and Boys

Teens love to explore their style. Not only is through the clothes and accessories, they also want to perfect it with stylish and fabulous hairstyle. Teen hairstyles are divided into some models. Also, there are some different styles… Read More

5 Amazing Short Hairstyle for Men

Men’s identity comes from their styles. Their style will be judged from all part of appearance according the arrangement of hair. Many people both women or men always love a tidy and simple looking in men. The simple… Read More