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How To Prevent Injuries In Badminton

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How To Prevent Injuries In Badminton

Badminton is often seen as a sport that poses absolutely no health risks. In reality, many possible injuries can appear as you play badminton. Those that are really common are sprained ankle, ligament tear, tennis elbow and low back pain. The good news is you will most likely never ever need to contact criminal defense attorneys in Springfield, IL | Noll Law Office since badminton is safe for all people involved. However, injuries can definitely happen. If you are intense during the game the possibility to be injured increases. Fortunately, the possibility of this happening drastically goes down when you consider the following.

Stretching And Warm Up/Warm Down

Professional players always spend around 30 minutes for warm ups and warm downs since they fully understand how risky it is to skip these sessions. A failure to do so can lead to muscle pulls and will reduce performance. Never get eager and start playing as soon as you hit the court. Spend some minutes to stretch and warm up. You want your muscles to be loosened and become more flexible.

Use Correct Technique

Using the appropriate technique during a match is also very important. When technique is wrong, you do the moves wrong and you drastically increase the possibility of getting injured. As an example, the arm that is not on the racket is very important in maintaining balance during a game. The non-racket arm has to be utilized to balance racket arm weight. When players execute badminton jump smashes without the use of both arms, muscles around the waist can be injured, thus causing low back injuries. If badminton strokes are wrong, unnecessary strength is exerted so a muscle can be pulled. The examples can continue.

Use The Right Racket

When the badminton racket is improperly chosen, injuries happen. You want to talk to the racket dealer or a person that knows a lot about the game in order to see exactly what racket will best suit your needs. For instance, when the racket has a heavy head you can end up with a shoulder injury if you are a beginner. The power rackets are tougher to control and will require that the user has very good strokes techniques.

String Tension

Just as with choosing a really good badminton racket you have to be sure string tension is correct. If the tension is higher, you get more control. When string tension is lower, you get more power. Professional players tend to use very high string tension. Normally, it is recommended that you choose tension between 20 and 26 pounds. If string tension is high, you get less power in the strokes. You thus end up with high possibilities of being injured as you put in increased power in the strokes.

Choose Good Badminton Shoes

The lasts thing that should be mentioned is that you need to get a really good pair of professional badminton shoes. They are specially created to absorb impacts and shocks. As you play the game you will have a lot of tension on your knees. This is why really good badminton shoes include shock absorbers. They prevent injuries appearing on the shin bone and knee cap.

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