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Top 5 Ways You Can Go Green On Your RV Camping Trip

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Most people aren’t aware of this fact, but an RV vacation is far friendlier to the environment than a vacation that involves you flying or staying at a hotel.

The reason why is because an RV camping trip will generate a significantly less amount of carbon dioxide in comparison to if you were stay in a hotel or travel in an aircraft.

You Can Go Green On Your RV Camping Trip

As Outdoorsy points out, there are also numerous cheap and easy ways that you can make your RV trip even more eco-friendly too.

Here are the top five ways you can go green on your RV camping trip:

  1. Invest In A Dependable Water Filtration System

By investing your money into a reliable water filtration system, you will save dramatically on water costs while also using less plastic for bottled water. You can further become even more eco-friendly by avoiding disposable water bottles and only using a reusable bottle that you can fill up repeatedly and bring with you wherever you go. You’ll save money and be friendlier to the environment at once.

  1. Invest In High Quality Solar Panels

So long as you use electronic devices in your RV (such as a TV), you’re going to have to use the generator. But as an alternative to the generator, you can also use solar panels instead. Solar panels will cause significantly less air pollution than your generator.

  1. Recycle Your Trash

This is maybe the most clichéd and most talked about way of staying green on a camping trip, but it’s still worth repeating. Examples include washing out and flattening empty canned goods, and having a storage compartment purely for recyclable materials such as cans, paper, or plastic.

  1. Save On Gasoline

The cost of gasoline is one of the biggest expenses that you will incur on your RV trip, but conserving fuel isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment as well.

The best way to save on gasoline costs will be to bring bikes that you can use for secondary transportation when you arrive at your location, rather than just driving your RV around everywhere. If you need to pick up groceries, for example, ride your bikes into the nearest town rather than taking your entire motorhome (and you’ll get great exercise in the process).

  1. Clean Up After Yourself

Clean Up Your RV CampingFinally, one of the golden rules of camping is to leave your campsite a cleaner place than you find it. This means cleaning up everything you bring with you as well as some of the things that the previous campers may have left behind (such as empty beer cans, plastic bags, or so on).

Not only is this the green thing to do, it’s simply the polite thing to do as well.

Going Green On Your RV Camping Tri

Overall, these are the top five cheapest and easiest ways you can make your next RV trip as environmentally friendly as possible.

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5 Great Exercises To Keep You Fit While On The Road

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If you plan to be heading out on the road for some time, you will need to think about how you’re going to stay fit. You could potentially be sat behind the wheel for many hours, which you may already know isn’t good for you.

However, you can keep fit while you’re on the road, you just need to know how:

Great Exercises To Keep You Fit

1 – Use A Jump Rope

A jump rope doesn’t take up very much room, and it can be the ideal ‘Tool’ to help you to stay fit while you’re traveling across the country.  Try to use your jump rope at least once a day, so your body gets the exercise that it needs.

If you’ve never used a jump rope before, you should be prepared to find it quite difficult for a week or so. Boxers and fitness enthusiasts make using a jump rope look easy, but it really isn’t. Go easy on yourself, and you’ll be less likely to get injured.

2 – Do A Spot Of Yoga

If you want to stay fit using some gentler exercises, you may want to think about doing a spot of yoga. Doing yoga every day can help you to stay fit and focused, making you feel better about spending a lot of time behind the wheel.

3 – Go For A Run

It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling to, or even how you’re getting there, you will probably have the chance to go for a run at least once every other day.

Make sure you pack your running shoes, and your running gear, so you can head off whenever you wish.

A word of caution: Please make sure that you only run when there’s enough light to see. If you head out in the evenings it may get dark quickly, and you might not be able to find your way ‘Home’.

4 – Go For A Walk

If going for a run is not for you, why not go for a walk instead? Walking can be just as good for you as running, and you can bring your travel companion(s) along with you too.

Take a map with you so you know where you’re headed, and spend at least 30 minutes walking at a fast pace every day, so your heart rate increases and your body gets the exercise it needs.

5 – Use Local Gyms

Butt Workout Jump Squats
Jump Squats

Almost every town and city in the country has at least one gym, and you should think about making use of it. Once you know where you’re headed, try to find out where the locals gyms are, and pay them a visit.

A good session at the gym will help you to burn off some calories, and make you feel so much better about getting in your car or RV and heading back on the road again.

It is completely possible for you to keep fit while you’re on the road, so why not think about using the above tips to help you stay in shape while you travel across the country?

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Four Ways Stress Impacts Weight Gain

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After a bad day, have you ever plopped in front of the TV and inhaled an entire tub of ice cream or have you ever furiously eaten a hamburger and fries in front of your desk as you try to meet a work deadline? Perhaps you have a busy schedule and eat banana pudding throughout your breaks.

Soon, you’ve gained 20 pounds and don’t know how it happened. Well, you’ve been engaging in stress-related eating. Long periods of stress increases our appetites and blocks our motivation to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to make positive lifestyle changes, keep reading to learn more.

Stress and Hormones

Stress and HormonesWhen your brain detects a threat, whether it is an upcoming bill or a wild animal on the loose, it emits chemicals including CRH, adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals make you more alert and ready for action.

Once the adrenaline wears off, cortisol remains to tell your body to replenish your food supply. Our ancestors fought off wild animals and more, they needed the replenishment.

Yet, we deal with stress by sitting in front of our computers all day long. We aren’t burning too many calories sitting down.

And, our body still produces cortisol telling us to eat a few more cookies. In addition, chronic stress leaves us vulnerable to increased belly fat.

So, the goal should be to reduce stress. According to Business Bellies, if you want to learn how to lower cortisol levels and lose weight, you need a 30-day reset.

You must retrain your body to handle stress, as well as retrain your mind.

Cravings for Fat and Sugar

For some reason, stress increases the intake of foods high in fat and sugar. In fact, studies have shown that high insulin and cortisol levels contribute to the desire for comfort foods to help fight stress.

Have you wondered why all you seem to crave are meat and potatoes, fried chicken and biscuits or loads of tacos? It is the result of chronic stress.

Muscle Mass Declines

As your adrenal glands continue to pump out cortisol, your production of testosterone slows down. As a result, you experience a decrease in muscle mass.

Since muscle boosts your metabolism, you will find that you burn fewer calories with less muscle. Your body also starts to become pudgier.

Moreover, cortisol encourages your body to store visceral fat. This is the dangerous kind of fat because it surrounds vital organs while releasing fatty acids into your blood.

And, then, it increases cholesterol and insulin levels. Obviously, you can’t just eliminate all the stress from your life. But, you can do a reset.

Sleep Trouble

Another issue with stress is it causes us to lie awake at night. Our minds are busy thinking about the bills, our kids, health issues and more. Yet, the cycle never seems to end.

Sleep Trouble

If you drink caffeine to help you stay awake, then, you disrupt your cycle even further. Not to mention, the lack of sleep affects the functioning of ghrelin and leptin–chemicals that control your appetite.

So, you wake up exhausted and crave a stack of pancakes. But, you can’t go back to sleep because you have to work.

As a result, you end up eating carbs all day. Since you are sleepy, you don’t have the willpower to resist temptation. And, the cycle continues.

Final Thought

If your body is experiencing any of the above symptoms, a change is needed. If it seems as if you have gained weight out of nowhere, then it truly is time for a reset.

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4 Weird but Effective Skin Care Tips That You Have Probably Never Heard of

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The thing about skin is that it ages, just like any other body part and, in some cases, much faster than one would expect. There are multiple factors like the weather, sun exposure, diet, lifestyle, and much more that determine how fast and how badly aging affects our skin. Admittedly, it is a natural process and there is no way to permanently or completely avoid it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delay it or lessen the impact significantly. While we will not be taking the full-on crazy and scary skin care route that Kim Kardashian took with her human blood facial, today we will be looking at some of the more (or less) weird but effective tricks of the trade nevertheless.

Effective Skin Care Tips

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Pimples and Diapers

Acne and pimples are not considered to be very serious skin problems by dermatologists medically-speaking, but we all know that isn’t really true. Those little red bumps can ruin your day, week, or even your month, depending on the type of pimple that you are unfortunate enough to host on your face. As it turns out, applying something as simple and unrelated as a small dab of your average diaper rash cream can help immensely. It shrinks the pimple in minutes, removes the redness and the bump will not even hurt much anymore!

Killing Oil with Oil

Oily skin is one of the most common issues. It is often the reason behind other more serious skin problems. As it turns out, your own facial oil could be the remedy here! Oily skin indicates that your skin isn’t hydrated enough and it feels the need to overproduce it to compensate for that deficiency. As we often skip applying moisturizer on oily skin, the skin sees no reason to cease the overproduction. On the other hand, if the facial oil itself is applied uniformly over our faces for a while, the skin will stop producing excess oil because it will feel naturally hydrated like it should.

Shampoo Your Face

Shampooing your hair might not be enough if you want healthy skin, therefore, save some for your face, too. If the skin on your face is way too dry and flaky, it’s probably a yeast problem and you need to balance things out. Buy a good anti-dandruff shampoo from the store and use it to cleanse your face twice each month. Don’t overdo it though.

Milky Skin

We all know that milk is good for the skin when used in the right way so this one admittedly isn’t as weird as the others on this list. Cleanse your face first and then take a washcloth, soak it in cold milk and wring out the extra milk. Next, place it on your face and let it stay there for 15-minutes. When you are done, the protein treatment should make your skin glow and feel baby soft.

If the tricks mentioned here feel too weird or if you are looking for something a bit more authentic, you can always check out the best skin care products, but you might be surprised at how well some of these might work for you.

A point to remember is that skin care isn’t only about external treatments; it’s also a combination of the diet and lifestyle we have and only when all three are balanced can we ever hope to look our best.

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English Tutor for Your Kid

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English Tutor for Your KidIt sounds a little bit weird for someone in Singapore is looking for an English tutor. English is one of the official languages of this country and it has been taught since the elementary school. Well, it is true that most Singaporean speaks English on daily life and they can communicate well using English but we can’t ignore the facts there are also people who are still struggling with their lack of skills in English language.

Lack of strong foundation in English would be a bigger problem for students. As English is the primary language for class instruction at school, students with poor English would struggle to reach good comprehension of the study materials. Lack of reading comprehension and writing skills will badly affect their academic achievement and you can imagine how struggling they are when it comes to difficult subjects like math or science when they couldn’t understand the instruction. Being left behind in class will make students lose their confidence and it will be bad for their developmental stage. Actually, it isn’t because the students bad in English, they just need longer time to learn than their classmates.

If your kid has problem with learning English, it is highly recommended to hire private English tutor Singapore to help him learn better. With private tutor coming at home, it can give him individualized training based on his specific condition. But then again, looking for the right English tutor is quite challenging because it is actually difficult to find a really good English teacher here in Singapore. As ironic as it sounds, that’s the actual fact. But it doesn’t mean there’s no solution at all. For private English lesson with a professional seasoned English teacher, you can always trust Smile Tutor.

Smile Tutor is a tuition agency focusing on private tuition services. This agency has professional English tutors with years of experience and more importantly, passion in teaching. This agency has been developing the most efficient system to make sure they can help parents find the right tutor for their children and every tutor is trained with fun and effective tutorial method to help the students excel. The private tuition will be planned based on the actual English comprehension level of your kid and designed to help him build a strong English foundation. Just after few sessions, your kid will realize the improvement he got from the tuition. Contact the Smile Tutor today and let them help finding theright tutor for your kid.

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