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4 Tips That Could Help Improve Your Mental Health

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If you occasionally feel a little down, you may be forgiven for thinking that you may have to get used to feeling this way. However, you could help to improve your mood, by using a few techniques that are quick and easy.

improve your mental healthMany people do feel down from time to time, and there is often a fear that they may sink into depression. There is still a little stigma around depression and its treatments, but thankfully society is starting to realise there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Some health practices such as electroconvulsive therapy, which is harmless and carried out safely, may be worth considering if you’re not feeling too good. However, before you do, please take a look at following tips, as they may help too.

Spend Time In A Natural Environment

Scientific studies have proven that if you spend time in a natural environment, your stress levels will drop, and your mood will improve. This is likely to be because humans were made to live and flourish in natural environments.

If the thought of going outside makes you anxious, look online for pictures of natural environments, such as woodlands, the countryside, or the beach. Studies have also shown that pictures of natural environments can help you to feel better too.

philosophy can improve your moodThink About Today’s Good Points

What have you enjoyed about today? Try to think about it. Make your brain think about the positive aspects, and jot them down. It doesn’t matter how small these points may be, they all count, and they are all worth remembering.

Keep your notes in a booklet, or write them on a bit of paper, and stick them to the refrigerator. Take a look at the notes from time to time, as a reminder of the big or small things that make life better.


You don’t have to be the worlds’ greatest singer to enjoy singing. Singing is thought to boost your mood and make you feel better. Sing quietly to yourself, or sing out loud. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hit any of the notes, what matters is you enjoy doing it.

Sing happy songs, play your favourite MP3, and sing away. Dance if you feel inclined, and don’t forget to enjoy it. If you don’t want to sing in front of other people, do it when there’s no-one around, or simply hum to yourself as that can help too.

Do Something Nice For Someone

Doing something nice for someone can make you feel better. You may want to buy a friend a bottle of their favorite scent, or you could simply hold the door open for a stranger. Whatever it is you do, it will improve your mood, and be appreciated too.

All of the above tips could help to improve your mental health. If you’re suffering from mental health issues, please speak to a health professional as they too may be able to help. Don’t suffer alone, and don’t forget to use the above tips to make you smile.


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