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4 Ways To Ensure Your Legal Cannabis Consumption Is Safe And Healthy

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safe cannabis guideAs cannabis legalization spreads across the United States and Canada more and more people are starting to consume marijuana, either for medical reasons or for recreational purposes.  The health benefits of marijuana (and its cousin, CBD oil) continue to be explored, and it seems that the movement toward legalization is gaining strength.  But if you’re going to use marijuana and CBD oil you should be sure you’re doing in in ways that are most beneficial to your health and well-being. Below are 4 tips to help make sure you’re doing this in the healthiest way possible.

Make Sure You Know What Are Buying

When you visit a dispensary to purchase cannabis you need to be sure you know what you are buying.  Do your research before you go in and ask questions of the budtender when you get there.  If you’re shopping at a medical facility they will likely be prepared to answer your questions and take the time to help you. But at some adult-use (or recreational) facilities they may not be as knowledgeable. Be certain you understand what strain you are buying and what the THC percentage. If you are planning to buy concentrate, shatter or wax for use with a dab rig, be aware that marijuana in this form is much stronger than dry herb or flower.

Be Certain That Your Cannabis Is Properly Stored

Properly storing cannabis is very important.  Air and light are the enemies of cannabis and can cause it to degrade quickly.  This means your expensive stash will be wasted. So proper storage is a way to prolong the life of your cannabis.  It also improves its medical efficacy.  Most importantly, properly storing cannabis will prevent the growth of mold and other toxins that can be dangerous to your health.  Keep your cannabis away from harmful UV lights by using a tinted glass jar that is airtight.  If you are storing it for extended periods of time a humidor with humidity control is recommended (the ideal relative humidity for cannabis is 62%).

Always Clean Your Bongs, Pipes And Vapes

Depending on your preferences the method you choose to consume cannabis may have some health benefits.  Using a bong or water pipe provides a cooling, smoothing effect which makes the smoke less harsh.  But bongs can get gunky and full of tar.  Make sure you properly clean your bong on a regular basis, using salt and rubbing alcohol to remove all the residue. Vapes are great because they do not reach the level of combustion and thus have less toxins and carcinogens than traditional means of smoking. But a vape must be kept clean and well maintained. Ensure that the heating chamber is clear and clean. Examine the coils and wicks, and replace them at signs of wear and tear. Check the battery often.  If it begins to feel too hot to the touch it may be time to replace it.

Err On The Side Of Moderation

CBD Oil and Vaping

Perhaps the best piece of advice one can give is to use common sense and moderation.  Each person must know his or her own limits.  But it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially if you are consuming a strain you are not familiar. Many people are choosing to “microdose” because it provides a level of control over the experience.  The key is to start slow and small, and then work your way up bit by bit, as your tolerance increases. For those who do want the psychoactive effects of THC (this is what makes you feel “high”), CBD oil presents a healthy alternative.


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