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5 Great Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Teeth

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Christmas, Christmas time is here! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe you still don’t know what to get! No worries! A periodontist in Fairfax put together this wonderful list of awesome dental related stocking stuffers that are easy to find and needed by all.

  1. Fun Tooth Brushes

Pick up a toothbrush that has your child’s favorite character on it – like Spongebob or Minions! You can even find tooth brushes that play a tune for the length of time that your child should be brushing their teeth. These will make brushing their teeth so much more fun!

  1. Flavored Toothpaste

Fun flavors of toothpaste will make your kids want to brush their teeth right then and there. Flavors like watermelon and bubblegum are sure to enhance tooth brushing time. Of course, be careful giving yummy flavors to toddlers because if they swallow too much of it they could get sick.

  1. Dino Flossers

How much more fun will flossing your teeth be with dinosaur flossers? These flossers by Johnson&Johnson can be found at many retailers, including Wal-Mart.

Great Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Teeth

  1. Sugarless Chewing Gum

What kid doesn’t like to chew gum? For healthy teeth, pick up some sugarless chewing gum with xylitol in a yummy mint flavor to help fill those stockings. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that helps the mouth keep a neutral pH level, prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

  1. Mouth Wash

There are tons of great kids’ mouth washes to choose from. Find some that have fun characters on them or have fun flavors like cotton candy, bubble gum, or blue raspberry. These are sure to appeal to your younger children and will motivate them clean their mouths more often, providing extra protection for those sensitive baby teeth.

Make dental hygiene more fun with some or all of these wonderful stocking stuffers this year.

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