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Benefits of Using a Nursing Pillow

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Until your new baby arrives, you may not realize how much time newborns spend eating. Babies feed 8-12 times a day, which easily adds up to 4-6 hours, not including burping and snuggle time. For new parents, getting comfortable for a feeding session isn’t just convenient–it’s a necessity to keep up your stamina.

Nursing pillows are designed for you to wear during a feeding session. They’re especially handy for breastfeeding, since nursing comes with more challenges than bottle-feeding, but they offer important benefits no matter how you feed your baby.

Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Back Support

Brand-new babies are so tiny. That is, until you hold the baby for hours, around the clock. It’s amazing how that weight adds up! Settling the baby on a nursing pillow can make it easier to maintain good posture while nursing or bottle-feeding, and removes some of the strain on the arms and back.

A nursing pillow may even alleviate backaches before your little one even makes an appearance. If you opt for a plushy model, you might enjoy sleeping with it wedged behind your lower back or between your legs. Using your nursing pillow as a pregnancy pillow gives you that much more use out of the product.

C-Section Incision Protection

After a C-section, your abs and incision site are tender and painful. Navigating a challenging latch while trying to keep a kicking baby heel away from your healing incision isn’t exactly the serene nursing experience you’ve probably dreamed of. Besides making nursing easier on your back and abs, the pillow creates a barrier between your baby and your lower body, letting you concentrate on breastfeeding.

Latching and Reflux Help

First and foremost, nursing pillows are meant to help you hold your baby close and keep him or her supported during a feeding session. Getting baby into the right position is the first step toward achieving a good latch, which in turn plays an important role in minimizing breastfeeding discomfort. Keeping the baby’s head up can help keep reflux at bay, since any spit-up has to fight gravity.

A nursing pillow isn’t a cure for reflux or the only way to get a good latch, of course. You should experiment with feeding positions that work well for you and contact your pediatrician with any concerns. But many new parents can use all the help they can get with baby care, so if this tool makes a difference, get as much out of it as you can!

Tummy Time Support

Your baby may benefit from spending time on the nursing pillow even when it’s not feeding time. As your baby grows, he or she needs new challenges to strengthen those little ab muscles. Propping the baby on a pillow for tummy time offers a new vantage point and may allow for new kinds of arm and leg movement. After another few months, the pillow can give your baby back support while he or she sits up for the first time.

Feeding your baby while recovering from the physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth is no small feat! A nursing pillow can be a helpful tool to ease your transition into breastfeeding and support the recovery process.

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