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Best Anti-Snoring Devices

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If you or a partner snores in the bed then it can make falling and be staying asleep very difficult. Snoring is caused by obstructions to the nasal passage that causes air to vibrate floppy tissues. Many factors can contribute to snoring including, colds, alcohol and food consumption before bed, and sleeping pills or tranquilizers.

You could always put on a pair of sleepphones to black out those droning sounds, but you should probably make your partner invest in an anti-snoring aid. I wouldn’t recommend an anti-snoring aid as a gift though, it might come off the wrong way.

There are tons of snoring aids to choose from, including, nasal sprays, ergonomic pillows, mandibular advancement devices, and even nasal dilators. Choosing the right anti-snoring device depends on the type of snore, the severity of the snore, the efficacy of the product, and even the lifespan of the snoring aid device. Here, we’re going to discuss our picks for the top snoring aids on the market and help you discover which ones are right for you.



SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device designed to adjust to your jaw and lock in place to allow for a smooth flow of air through the oral passage. This remains especially effective for people suffering from sinus problems and even a little congestion.

SnoreRx is designed to work for up to a year and doesn’t require any assembly or other materials. Most people agree that the SnoreRx is comfortable and does not interrupt your sleep flow. For most people, the first night or two will require an adjustment before they get accustomed to using a MAD for a sleep aid.

Gideon Anti-Snoring Nose Vents


The non-invasive Gideon Anti-Snoring Nose Vents are designed to treat snoring that originates from the nose. This anti-snoring device comes in a four-pack that are custom made for different nasal sizes. With a convenient travel case, the nose vents are easy to clean and won’t collect dust.

This snoring aid will provide you with restful sleep, day and night, and are completely comfortable to sleep with them in. It’s recommended that you wash daily and replace your nose vent after a month to avoid infections or illness. The nose vents are completely invisible and safe to place in your nose. This is one of the best affordable options on the market to treat nasal snoring.

Good Morning Snore Solution


The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece is one of the most comfortable and least invasive anti-snoring devices on the market. Recommended by doctors worldwide and the FDA, this snoring aid is designed for universal fit and can be used for anyone who snores through their mouth.

The snoring aid provides you with a comfortable, well-balanced sleep. This snoring solution is actually a tongue retaining device, which may cause soreness in the first day or two, but you’ll quickly get used to it. Best of all, the company promises a money back guarantee and the mouthpiece last for over a year.

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap


The Snoring Solution Chin Strap is a non-invasive snoring aid that doesn’t need to fit in your mouth or nasal passage. With easy adjustments, the chin snap is designed to support the jaw to prevent vibration of the floppy tissues while breathing. Comfortable to wear and guaranteed to last for an incredibly long time, the chin strap is hygienic and effective.

The only drawback is that the chin strap prevents yours from breathing through your mouth, but if you’re looking to place a moratorium on your snoring habits than you should be satisfied.

Breath Right Strips

Breathe right strips are incredibly cheap and help to open up your nasal passages while you sleep. Proven to reduce or even eliminate snoring, this is always a cheap, non-invasive option for people who suffer from light snoring.

Seek Medical Help

Finally, it’s important that you talk to a doctor about your sleeping habits and any snoring you experience. Snoring could be symptomatic of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious medical condition. Snoring can also lead to daytime drowsiness and obstructed sleep patterns, which will disrupt your daily routine. Save you and your partner a headache by investing in one of these amazing anti-snoring devices.

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