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Cannabis Health Myths That Should Be Discussed

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Although recreational marijuana has been legal for a long while, the fact that it was illegal for a long time automatically created numerous myths that should not be trusted. According to experts, here are those myths that are incredibly common and are the first that should be eliminated.

A Fatal Dose Of Pot Can Appear

Cannabis Health MythsIt is practically impossible to get an overdose of pot. The only thing that can happen is for you to do something stupid as you are under its influence. In the areas where cannabis is now legally available there was an uptick in the number of motor vehicle accidents that see the substances involved.

Similarly to all drugs, pot is not harmless. There are negative reactions that can appear when cannabis is mixed with other dogs. This is why it is really important to have a doctor prescribe it and monitor consumption. In certain settings cannabis can do harm.

You Cannot Be Addicted To Marijuana

Cannabis use disorder can appear, no matter what some people may tell you. Statistics show that around 7% of the regular medicinal cannabis users are going to run into this issue. However, an important thing to remember is that the risk is actually much lower than with many other common drugs. This includes a lower dependence than with cocaine, caffeine, opiates and alcohol. You constantly see an increase in the use of cannabis point of sale software and more stores selling because addiction risks are lower.

Medically Speaking, Marijuana Is Always The Same

Current users do know that this is just a myth. Most people just believe that cannabis produces some type of high and makes people stoned. The feeling is basically produced by THC, which is a chemical that does appear in various concentrations but in different strains. There are even some cannabis strains that do not include THC as they have another ingredient as the active one, CBD.

In medical cannabis use there are many products that can be considered, not just the smokeable option. This does include soft gels and oils. Doctors can easily control CBD and THC dose up to a single milligram. It is exactly as it would be done with the other medication.

Cannabis Cures Nothing Or Everything

Both of these are myths that never need to be considered as being true. They are basically both wrong. Cannabis cannot actually cure every single disease out there and it is not true that marijuana does not have proven health benefits.

We should realize that the proven medical application numbers that we have for marijuana is low but properly documented. Much interest is still expressed though and we do not actually know what will be proven as being correct in the future. Various studies are still now carried out to prove some claims.

Final Thoughts

Always be sure that you talk to people that actually know the truth about cannabis before you believe anything you find online. The myths above are just some of those that could be mentioned.

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