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Homeopathy And Toothaches – The Homeopathic Treatments You Can Use

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Woman With ToothacheDid you know that your smile can say many things about you? However, smiling can be difficult when you suffer from a toothache.

Therefore, what can a person do if he/she have a toothache in the Lake Worth FL area?  Well, the obvious option is to seek dental treatment. Nevertheless, what do you need to do before the dental appointment? This is the question. This is when homeopathy treatment comes into play. There are many treatments that are highly effective in relieving the pain and inflammation. At the same time, after a dental procedure such as having a tooth extracted or after a root canal, homeopathy can really help. Below are some of the best homeopathy treatments for particular tooth problems or procedures:

1. Toothache Problem

• Spasmodic Pains Related To A Toothache

To relieve this problem, take a Mag Phos 30, 5 drops, three times a day or the Mag Phos 6X tissue salt, one tablet, four times a day. On the other hand, just place 10 drops of magnesium phosphate 30 in water and then drink the water as required.

• A Shooting or Severe neuralgic pain

With this kind of pain, consider taking the Hypericum 30, three times a day.

2. Dental Infection Or Abscess

The alternative option to antibiotics is the Hepar Sulph 200 or 30, which should be taken three times a day. If you do not experience any improvements after 24 hours, you should really consult your dentist. However, if there is a slow and steady improvement of the discomfort and pain, then you should continue taking the hepar sulph and go back 5 days later for a dental checkup. In this case, it is essential to have regular consultations and have a professional diagnose the problem.

3. Tooth Extraction

It is important to note that a severe dental process may attract some discomfort or pains. This is often caused by inflammation which is your body’s natural response to trauma that involves cutting delicate tissues.

Tooth Extraction

Generally, there are few effective homeopathy treatments that can help reduce inflammation and pain.

In this case, consider using Arnica 200 immediately after you have your tooth removed 2 times a day for 4 days. The other treatment option is the Staphisagria 200, which should be taken once daily for 3 days. This treatment is the best, especially if your treatment involved stitches.

4. Nervousness

The fact is that a visit to the dentist can cause nervousness or anxiety. This is mainly as a result of worrying and asking yourself several questions such as; will I need to have my tooth extracted or filling? What will the doctor find? Is it going to be painful? Etc. The anxiety can really be a downer, even for a routine checkup. Therefore, if the anxiety is high before your routine check-up, there are many homeopathic treatments that will help relieve the anxiety symptoms.

If you experience anticipatory anxiety, especially which gives you lose stools, then you should take Argentum Nutricum 30, 2 times a day and once the day you are going to visit your doctor. For severe anxiety, you should take a remedy called Bach rescue, which is widely available in local medicine stores. You can put 4 or 5 drops in a glass full of water and then sip it while in the waiting room or simply take 2 drops directly into your mouth.

5. Root Canal Treatments

This is often associated with stage two of the procedure. There are numerous homeopathic therapies that can help you. The day you are going for the procedure, you can take Arnica 200 or 30 and repeat taking it two times a day after your procedure. On the other hand, Hypericum 200 or 30 can also help. Take it twice daily to help you relieve any nerve-related pain. You should take this remedy at most 3 days after every root canal procedure until it is completed.

If neither of these homeopathic treatments work to your complete satisfaction, you might want to consider consulting with a Lake Worth dentist from the Family Dentistry of South Florida group.

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