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Kegel Exercises For Men: Exactly How To Do Them And Benefits

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What’s kegel exercise?

Kegel exercises for men require clench-and-release muscle movements to strengthen the pelvic floor. Also called pelvic floor exercises for men, the technique was introduced in 1948 by Arnold Kegel. Mr Kegel used Kegel muscle exercises in treating women that developed stress incontinence after childbirth. However, Kegel exercises aren’t exclusively for women; it’s sex exercise for men that support floor muscles.

The pelvis is that region between your hips that holds your genitals, and the pelvic floor contains muscles. More so, adult males looking for ways to overcome premature ejaculation use several Male Enhancement Pills.

What are kegel muscles?

The Kegel muscles is a collection of tissues at the bottom of your pelvis that supports your reproductive organs. Without tough muscles in the pelvic floor, your bladder and bowels will malfunction. Consequently, pelvic floor muscle exercises can treat health conditions like; overactive bladder, urinary incontinence (Climacturia), and premature ejaculation. More so, combining behavioural therapy with Kegel exercises helps ailments like; erectile dysfunction, and post radical prostatectomy. The level of improvement depends on the proper performance of Kegel exercise you do.

What do kegel exercises do for guys?

You should be able to identify your pelvic floor muscles (Pubococcygeus muscle or PC) before carrying out male pelvic muscles exercise. With your finger, touch the skin behind your balls right before your anus. Yes, if you’ve located it, that’s where your Pubococcygeus muscle lies. Don’t be disappointed when you fail to find where your pelvic floor muscles are. Simply try to urinate while placing the index finger between your anus and testicles.

Hold the urine when it starts to flow and notice a contraction of muscles against your finger. Certainly, you have a better idea of where this PC muscle resides. By practising Kegel exercises, you can attain orgasm without ejaculating during sex. To last longer in bed and reach intense orgasms; flex the muscles with the techniques that you will learn. You can also improve your sleep, and support nocturia reduction by doing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises benefit sexually and physiologically for men with prostate challenges. A close examination of some online reports from the Virectin reviews showed many benefits that consumers have observed.

What are Kegel exercises good for?

Kegel exercises are good for suppressing bladder contractions and achieving electrostimulation for men with low libido. They are harmless exercises when correctly performed. Doctors have recommended the use of Kegel exercises to toughen the pelvis, and urethra muscles of patients with poor bladder functions. When a woman experiences incomplete emptying of her bladder, the gynecologist may recommend Kegel exercises to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI).

How to do Kegel exercises for men?

The health benefits of Kegels for men are numerous when they are correctly done. However, it’s better to urinate completely before engaging in Kegel exercises. The best kegel exercises require a combination of at least three different positioning styles. Don’t be confused; kegel exercises is all about flexing that right muscle over a period, for multiple times.  Performing pelvic exercises for men involves the following steps listed below.

Locate the right muscles on your pelvic floor and take a convenient position (preferably by lying down). Tighten the muscles your pelvic floor muscles (Pubococcygeus muscle) to prevent any release of gas from your abdomen or urine from your bladder. Likewise, the contraction will be helpful against sneezing or coughing during the exercise. After holding the pelvic floor muscles for about four seconds; release them for the next two seconds, and repeat this step five times.

It’s time to increase the duration of time, and double the rate of exercise. Again, toughen the pelvic floor muscles by squeezing and release them quickly. Do this step ten times by contracting and holding the pelvic floor muscles for ten seconds, before releasing for another five seconds. By now, you should have mastered this technique; try this a few times as a set of exercises.

Be careful not to flex the wrong muscles by only focusing on your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel muscle exercises are not for buttocks, thighs or abdomen, thighs. Don’t suffocate by holding your breath – that’s not necessary. Instead, inhale and exhale freely while you do the exercises. Set a daily target of five sets of ten repetitions in a particular position, before switching to another. However, you shouldn’t use Kegel exercises to control urine stream during nature’s call. Preventing urination is a sure way of contracting a bladder infection.

How can you determine a proper kegel exercise session?

The feeling of joint pains or muscle aches for some people is a sign of properly done exercise sessions. However, after the pelvic muscles exercise session; a pain in the abdomen or back signifies that you’ve wrongly practised. If you had focused on your toughening your Pubococcygeus muscle by relaxing your back, abdomen, and buttocks, there wouldn’t have been any feeling of pains. Don’t over-contract your pelvic floor muscles; otherwise, they’ll become weak.

When can I expect results?

For immediate benefits, perform Kegel exercises correctly, and practice it as a daily routine. At least, four weeks is enough to witness improvements from Kegel exercises sessions. For sexual benefits; toughening your pelvic floor muscles prevents quick ejaculation, and slow you down from having two-seconds orgasms. With the right use of Kegel exercise sessions, it’s easy to achieve multiple orgasms before you ejaculate.

Men that have survived prostate surgery (radical prostatectomy) will have weak pelvic floor muscles. Performing a series of pelvic floor exercises for men will toughen the muscles. Usually, some people experience a dribble after urination. They will find Kegel exercise sessions useful in correcting this inconsistency.

Kegel Exercises For Women

The pelvic floor muscles in women hold the womb, and there are unpleasant consequences when the muscles grow weak. Like men, women can develop weak pelvic floor because of pregnancy, weight gain or ageing. They can enjoy the benefits that come with Kegel exercises from the comfort of their homes. Within a few months, they can achieve results by simply flexing the pelvic floor muscles like a real gym session, and increasing the intensity of exercise daily.


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