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Road Bikes: what to consider when choosing the perfect one for your needs

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To be able to choose the between all the awesome road bikes available, can be tricky. Therefore, you should take into account what your needs are. Are you a seasoned triathlon athlete; cycling to work and back; maybe loving bicycle riding for exercise or are you looking to buy your first bike.

Many desirable bike brands are available. Just to mention some: Kestrel Talon, Schwann, Diamondback, Vilano, Giordano, GMC and Takara. Shimano etc.

Factors to take into consideration when buying a bike

Material of the frame

A bicycle’s frame is one of the most important factors to take into account all depending on the price and what type of performance you want from your bicycle.

Frames come in various materials. The greatest options are titanium, carbon fiber, steel and aluminium.


Titanium frames provide you with an aluminium frame’s light-weight but add a steel frame’s comfort & durability. The anti-corrosion qualities of a titanium frame are an attributing factor. However, this bicycle frame will come at a higher price.

Carbon Fiber

Looking for excellent performance, then this is your bike frame. Although it comes at an exorbitant price, a bike of carbon fiber is a good investment. However, a bike frame should not be the only element to consider when buying your dream bike.


Of course steel bike frames weigh much more than aluminium ones, but can offer you durability and comfort, whilst cycling.


Usually bicycle frames manufactured from aluminium are heavy, and made for daily use. The bright side is its price!

Bike forks

A bike’s fork is highly important as it will determine the shock absorbing ability, weight and rigidity of the bike. It consist of different parts, including, Steerer Tube, Crown, Legs, spring, Axle & Damping. Suspension and rigid forks are available.

Group set

Elementary a groupset is the bike’s gears and brake combination. Shimano groupsets are recommendable and come in different price ranges.

Chain set

Generally you will find three kinds of chain sets: standard, compact & triple chain rings. Most cycles have either a compact or standard chainset. For steep terrain & accommodating luggage, triple chainsets are perfect.

Tires / Wheels

Especially pay attention to the bike’s wheels when buying, as it is expensive to replace. The newest trend seems to be 25-26mm tires as pros use it on their bikes too.

Fit & Bike Size

Ensure that the bike you opt for is perfect for your weight and height.

Choosing your bike is only the first step and many other cycling gear will attract your attention, like biking helmets, the proper cycling tights or bibs, maybe a cycling camel-back for long trips, trendy cycling sunglasses and gloves and not to forget the pedals with toe clips or maybe you will opt for cleats.

However for much more and detailed information about buying your perfect bike we advise you to browse the best bike reviews on the Internet.


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