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The Five Big Bad Habits Hindering Your Fitness Journey

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Fix Bad HabitsConventional wisdom tells us that it takes approximately a month to stick to any given habit, which is especially challenging for those of us trying to lose weight and get fit.

However, what about breaking bad habits? After all, it’s difficult to change the way that we treat our bodies overnight if we’ve conditioned our bad habits for years on end.

Consider how your current fitness struggles may have less to do with a lack of motivation and more to do with habits which have become a part of your daily life. For example, consider the day-to-day activities which.

  • Distract you from consistency working out or sticking to your diet
  • Cause you to return to fatty foods and sugary snacks
  • Impact your ability to stay focused and commit to changing your lifestyle

Although some of the following habits may seem rather obvious, certain hidden habits could also be holding back your progress. Ask yourself: which of the following apply to you?

  1. Smoking

It probably comes as no surprise that smoking has a negative impact on your overall fitness. From decreasing your lung capacity to distracting you from your workouts, cutting the cord with cigarettes is easier said than done.

Bad habits Smoking

Breaking your smoking habit once and for all is possible; however, you have to start by giving yourself a legitimate reason to make it happen. While it certainly won’t be easy, doing so will ultimately ensure your long-term health and ability to reach your fitness goals.

  1. Unconscious Eating

Most people exceed their daily calories without even realizing what’s going on. Habits such as eating out of boredom can quickly undo any and all of your hard work in the gym.

In response, practice mindful eating so you can actually stick to your dietary goals versus making impulsive decisions. For example, strive to eat slower so you can savor and appreciate each bite versus scarfing down your meals. Likewise, don’t mindlessly eat in front of the television or computer, either: treat meal-time as a period where you focus on eating and just eating.

  1. Binge Drinking

The Cost of Binge DrinkingWhether or not we’re talking about alcohol, make an effort not to drink your calories. Even the occasional beer or soda can contribute to packing on the pounds over time. On the flip side, not only will consistently drinking water throughout the day prevent consuming more calories but also fill you up without fail.


  1. Poor Sleep

Lack of sleep and weight gain have a direct correlation with each other. If you aren’t catching enough Z’s at night (think: between seven and eight hours), you’re only putting yourself and your waistline in danger. Without the proper rest, you’ll likewise have little or no energy for your workouts, only prompting you to skip them and put yourself in an even worse position.Don't shop on an empty stomach

  1. Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Here’s a trick: next time you go shopping, make sure that you’ve eaten a meal immediately beforehand. Shopping on an empty stomach often promotes buying unnecessary groceries and junk food. Changing your lifestyle means keeping problem foods out of the house: by filling yourself up prior to visiting the store, you’ll be less tempted to binge buy.

In pursuit of creating healthy habits, you’re going to need to break down some bad ones. While it may not happen overnight, be aware of the bad habits potentially hindering your fitness problems and how you can slowly rid yourself of them.

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