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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil comes from coconut- a major tropical food source. Even though coconut oil is used widely in the cosmetic industry and other manufacturing sectors, it is a great edible choice as well. Read on to learn more about what makes coconut oil a health freak’s first choice.

coconut oil benefitsAs a fruit, the coconut’s fibre has great nutritional benefits. And the oil extracted from it is also quite beneficial for your health. Unlike other sources of fat with LCFA (long chain fatty acids), coconut oil is comprised of MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) and that is what makes this oil a healthier choice than other oils. Medium chain fatty acids are smaller. They can get absorbed by our cell membranes quite easily and do not need any enzymes to break them first to make them fit for absorption. Since coconut oil is easily absorbed, they are easy to digest and reach our liver quickly- completely overriding the entire ‘long digestion and conversion to fat process.’ The fact that coconut oil is not converted into fat makes it the top choice for people wanting to lose weight or even simply stay fit and enjoy an increased metabolism.

Another great health benefit of coconut oil is its anti-microbial nature. The credit for this property of coconut oil goes to its key ingredient- lauric acid. When Lauric acid becomes monolaurin in the body, it shows anti-viral and anti-microbial features. Did you know that the medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid in coconut oil are the primary ingredients found in human mother’s milk? And that is why it coconut oil carries the same anti-bacterial properties as the mother’s milk considered the best nutritional source for babies.

This means coconut oil can help you fight bacterial infections like throat infections, ulcers, gum diseases and urinary tract infections. It helps cancer patients as well because its antimicrobial properties stop the cancer from spreading and also strengthen the patient’s immunity. It is also anti-parasitic in nature and helps patients get rid of parasites like lice and tapeworms. Patients suffering from Giardia and Lamblia infections have also been able to overcome the diseases by consuming coconut oil. Coconut oil is an excellent antioxidant as well and keeps the body healthy. Its anti-viral properties have helped people fight diseases like measles, herpes, flu, hepatitis C, AIDS, SARS etc. In fact, coconut oil can help you fight yeast and fungal infections as well. In some cases, external application of coconut has been found useful in repairing human tissue and subduing inflammation. There are many other benefits of coconut oil Healthy people as well as patients consume cocnut oil to stay fit and strengthen their immunity.


What Is Fractionated Coconut Oil

Apart from these serious health benefits in fighting infections and diseases, coconut oil is used for cosmetic benefits as well. It is perhaps nature’s best moisturizer and works wonders when applied on the skin. People have used coconut oil to get rid of age spots, birth marks, burns, chap sticks, bug bites, dandruff, diaper rashers, smelly sweat and many other external skin ailments. Regular application of coconut oil has relieved people from the above mentioned problems and left them with healthy skin and hair. There are people who look younger and have nourished-glowing skin all because they use coconut oil on their faces. Expert body massagers use coconut oil when the client demands for complete relaxation. The oil gets absorbed in the body and works wonders while the masseuse kneads on the tired muscles. We hope these benefits encourage you to use coconut oil and enjoy better health and fitness.

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