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Transform Your Life

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Have tried weight loss plans that don’t deliver results they promised? Go for plans that work, transform your life, and visit Medifast Diet

Medifast Diet plans are easy to follow and convenient. Meals are not only delicious but balanced with the right amount of protein you need for weight loss and burning fat. Pick from plans that start as low as $149.

Medifast diet

Forget about time-consuming plans and counting calories, Medifast Diet makes it easy.

Medifast Go! – Easy to follow plan

If you are always on the go, too busy, and want fast results, Medifast Diet has you covered. Get 5 already prepared meals, and make a lean and green meal yourself.

Medifast Flex  plans

Get on with consistent, gradual weight loss program. Get 4 meals with the right portions, make 2 lean and green meals yourself and pick a healthy snack.

Special diets or dietary needs

Medifast Diet has weight loss plans for those suffering from diabetes, blood pressure; are nursing, vegetarian or gluten and soy intolerant. For questions call to speak with a representative to learn more about these plans.

New you phase: in control, confident and healthier

Thrive by Medifast Healthy Living Plan 

Medifast Diet guides you thoroughly, so you can feel confident with the new you. Feel good about what you have accomplished and maintain your new weight with this plan.

An easy 3-2-1. This plan includes 3 Thrive by healthy feelings, 2 lean and green Plus meals and 1 balanced meal you create yourself. The “3” covers 3 of six daily meals, “2” covers lean proteins, healthy fats, and fresh vegetables and “1” is a balanced meal with your choice of grains, proteins, dairy, fats, fruit and vegetables.

Online Tools to help you

Take advantage of tools available to successfully lose weight with your plan. If you are struggling to lose weight you can find a health coach, nearby weight control centre or medical provider.

30-day guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the results, you can cancel anytime and get your money back.

Go for a weight loss program that has your back,  keeps you motivated, and actually gets you results. Visit Medifast Diet to see what it do for you.


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